Console Introduction

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Thank you for joining Qualee. We're thrilled to have you join our community of onboarding and engagement champions!

The Qualee Console is your control centre and it allows for a vast range of customisations to be configured so that you can refine your users' experience to be just awesome.

Getting started requires a few simple steps to be completed.

How to get started:

1. Add Your Content
Use the Library to add your content into Profiles that can then be shared in Journeys.

2. Create Quizzes and Surveys
The Library is also where you can create quizzes and surveys that can also be added to your Journeys to make them even more engaging.

3. Design Your App Experience
Select your preferred colours for your Qualee app, add your company logo and branding images in Setup.

4. Curate A Journey
The Journeys tab in Setup is where journey experiences are made. Pick your content type for a step and add content from your Library.

5. Add Employees
Add your employees and assign a Journey. Employees will receive an automated email welcoming them to Qualee with login credentials and a link to download the app.
Employee Onboarding Dashboard
The Dashboard view provides an overview of all key elements within Qualee.

1. The summary boxes indicate key statistics:
  - The number of user accounts created
  - The number of items stored in the Library
  - The total number of messages from all App users
  - The next scheduled Event

Clicking on a summary box will load the respective page in the console.

2. The Journey flow represents the onboarding steps experienced by your users. Clicking on a step will take you to the messages received from that step.

3. The info panels along the bottom provide additional details on what's happening soon, recent activity and the overall app feedback from users. Clicking on an info panel will open the respective page in the console.
Employee Onboarding Dashboard
The Setup tab allows you to configure security options, customise the mobile app design, design your journeys and manage your administrators.

1. Use the info icons to view recommended image sizes.

2. Click the image icon to access a selection of Qualee provided images.
Create your Library and Action profiles before creating your journeys.
Employee Onboarding Platform Setup
All your mobile app users can be managed from this page. You can create, modify and delete users here.

Mobile app users will login with their email address, so it's important that it's entered correctly. Once a user is created, Qualee will automatically send a welcome email with instructions to the user on how to download and login to the app for the first time. One less thing you need to worry about.

Departments allows you to create groups that you can filter by throughout the platform.

Document Profiles allow you maintain a collection of content that can be applied quickly to a new app user.
For example 'Sales' could contain your company's guidelines, policies and contact lists for your sales employees.

Action Profiles are similar and allow you to define a set of actions that an app user is required to complete, either as part of their onboarding, or as an ad-hoc request. The Actions page will provide further information.
Each of the table headings are sortable to make finding a user super simple.
Add New User Interface
The Library is where all of your content is managed.

Qualee accepts the following file formats:
- Documents - PDF
- Video - MP4
- Audio - MP3

Quizzes and Surveys are also on this page. Create them here and then add them to a journey step on the Setup page or publish them as an action on the Actions page.
Remember to save your Quiz or Survey before leaving the Library page!
Online Onboarding Platform Library
The Messages page allows you to communicate to your mobile app users via a chat-like interface.

Qualee will track your administrators' average response times to ensure that your employees are engaged in a timely manner.

Message threads can be closed once a specific topic has been fully addressed.

Mobile app users can also send anonymous messages which will appear without the sender's details. Replying to an anonymous message will still send the message to the originator.

1. The Journey drop-down displays the steps of each Journey and indicated the number of users and messages at each step.

2. Journey step name.

3. Percentage of users at this onboarding step.

4. Step selected indicator.

5. Number of users at this journey step.
Messaging in Qualee is only between an individual app user and the Qualee admins. It has not been designed to provide peer-to-peer chat capabilities.
Employee Onboarding Messages Interface
You can publish your company's important events on this page.

The calendar also allows you to create events in advance and only publish them to the app users when you're ready.
Remember to click Save after you change the publish/unpublish toggle.
Online Onboarding Calendar - Qualee
The Actions page has several functions.

1. You can review submitted content from users and approve them if suitable, or reject them with a selectable reason and request a resubmission.

2. Use the Review tab to easily see what actions from individual users are pending, already approved or overdue.

3. An Action Profile is a collection of activities that can be grouped for easy assignment to new app users.

Post Approved Routing allows for a notification email from the Qualee system to be sent to an individual (or group) informing them that a particular action has been approved. This can be used as a workflow trigger.

Example: the creation of an ID badge once a headshot and photo ID have been approved.

4. Ad-hoc actions can be used to request an action from any individual user or a group, even after they've finished their onboarding journey.

Example: Publish a survey after a company town-hall to quickly gather feedback from attendees.
Actions Sections on Online Onboarding Form
Reporting is important for every organisation. Qualee makes it easy to publish summarised reports of quizzes and surveys.

The data can also be exported in .CSV format to allow usage with other reporting tools your company may already be using.

1. The App Experience chart is based on the feedback ratings from the Settings tab in the mobile app.

2. Activation Rate represents the number of user accounts that have logged into the Qualee app versus those that have not.
Reports Page on Onboarding Software - Qualee
Billing & Payment
The Billing & Payment page contains the following:

Your plan: confirmation of the subscribed plan, including date of expiry.

Latest invoices: provides a summary of all monthly bills, with the option to view or print individual bills.

Payment details: confirms the method of payment linked to the subscription plan. Credit card details can be updated here.

You have now completed the introduction to the Qualee console.

Thank you and welcome to Qualee!
Billing Page on Online Employee Platform