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Employee onboarding, engagement, offboarding, reboarding and remote working – we cover it all.
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Subscription Plans

Everything you need to know about each of our subscription plans and special use cases.
Can I upgrade from the Starter plan?
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Absolutely! You can upgrade anytime from the My Account tab of the Admin Console.
1. Enter Admin Console
2. Click the "My Account" button
3. Select preferred plan
Your existing content will remain and you can take advantage of the new features immediately. Go for it!

What credit cards are accepted?
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We accept all major credit cards, including:
American Express

Does Qualee offer customised plans?
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Yes. For employee numbers larger than 500 we would be pleased to help you create customised journeys and a plan that best suits your organisation's requirements.
Please contact us.

Do you have a referral program?
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Yes we do. We greatly appreciate support in spreading the word on Qualee's app and how it helps create exciting employee experiences.
For more details, please visit our Referral Program page.

Do you have an option for charity organisations?
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Yes we do. For charity organisations of aligned values with Qualee, we offer a free subscription to our Pro plan. To learn more about the organisations we support directly, please visit our About page.

Does Qualee store credit card details?
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No we do not. Qualee uses Stripe for all credit card processing. All credit card details are encrypted within Stripe only and not available to Qualee at any time.

Can I downgrade from the Premium or Pro plans?
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Yes you can. Your subsequent month will be billed at the revised subscription fee.
Your oldest content will be deleted, leaving your newest content up to the tiers of the selected plan.

Does Qualee offer a white label option?
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Yes we do. Qualified organisations looking to deliver their own application from the app stores with the capabilities of Qualee can use a customised white label version of Qualee. Qualee can also continue to provide on-going support and maintenance of white labelled instances. Contact us to share your requirements.

Why do I need credit card details for the Starter (free) Plan?
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The Qualee Console allows you to upgrade at any time and to preserve existing content you can add a payment option from within the Qualee Console.

Do you offer a product demo?
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Yes, we offer free previews of both the Qualee Console and our intuitive mobile app.
You may:
1. Sign-up for the Starter Plan to review the Qualee Console
2. Download the Qualee App for either iOS or Android and use the 'View Demo' option at the login screen


Our employee onboarding and engagement platform contain all the best features for your future growth.
How many steps can be added to a Journey?
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There's no practical limit to the number of steps you can add to a Journey. However, we recommend less than 15.

Can mobile app users send messages to each other?
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Absolutely. Mobile app users may message with others. Users can also talk with administrators of Qualee who have access to the Qualee Console. Our digital platform also supports anonymous messaging that is E.U. Whistleblower Directive compliant.

What happens once a new joiner completes their onboarding Journey?
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After completing the assigned Journey on the Qualee App, the app will continue to provide several engagement features, including:

- Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) trend
- Engagement related improvement Initiatives
- Employee Directory
- Messaging
- Events
- Multi-media Library (PDFs, Images, Audio, Video, Links)

Does Qualee support off-boarding?
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Absolutely. Qualee's fully customisable journeys can be easily created by your organisation to support onboarding, learning, engagement and off-boarding. Any journey can incorporate any of the Qualee features, such as quizzes, surveys, content sharing, content capture and content routing.

Qualee Console

Find out important details for your primary point of call for content distribution and employee engagement.
Is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) available?
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Yes. We use Google Authenticator for 2FA and can be enabled via the Admin Console in My Account.

Do I need to install any Qualee software?
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No. Qualee is a complete Cloud-enabled software-as-a-service solution that is compatible with all major web browsers.

Are messages saved in the Console?
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Messages will be saved according to the administrator's preferred data purging policy.

Does the Qualee Console have a status page?
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Yes it does. Please visit and subscribe here to be notified of the Console's availability and any scheduled maintenance.


Getting started has never been easier. Read the information below on files and customisation.
Can Qualee connect to other applications?
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Yes, Qualee provides an API solution that allows for automated user creation and programmatic content transfer from Qualee to other API compatible systems.

Can the design of the Qualee App be customised?
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Yes. Background and font colours, icons and header images can all be simply customised via the Qualee Console to match your organisation's branding.

What is the max video size I can upload?
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You can add videos up to 100MB in size. Larger file sizes can be accommodated upon request.

What media files does the Qualee Library support?
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The Qualee Library supports:
Documents: PDF
Video: MOV, AVI, MP4
Audio: MP3
Images: JPG, PNG

Can users be bulk uploaded?
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Yes, Premium Plan subscribers are able to bulk upload users. Qualee's API access also allows for automated user creation.

Can Qualee help with design and content?
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Absolutely. We have professional HR consultants and graphic designers that can help you design and deliver world-class onboarding and engagement experiences. Contact us to share your requirements.

Qualee App

Since the our app platform is native to mobile, there's probably a few things you want to know.
What languages does the Qualee App support?
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1. English
2. Hindi
3. Tamil
4. Traditional Chinese
5. Simplified Chinese
6. Filipino
7. Korean
8. Vietnamese
9. Malay
10. Thai
11. Japanese
12. Bahasa Indonesia
13. German
14. Dutch
15. French
16. Spanish
17. Italian
18. Portugese
19. Arabic
We'll be adding even more in future releases!

Can I change the default colours in the Qualee App?
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Yes you can! Premium and Pro plans support customisable colours that can be easily set via the Admin Console.

Is content on the Qualee App secure?
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Absolutely. We use the latest in mobile app encryption protocols and can take advantage of devices' security hardware, such as face and fingerprint detection. Additionally, administrators can choose whether published content can be downloaded from within the Qualee App, or only be made available within the app.

Have more questions?
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No problem. Our support team is available 24/5, Monday to Friday to assist you.
Simply sign up for a plan and use the support link from the Qualee Console and we'll have you up and running in no time.

Is the Qualee App free?
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Absolutely. Your selected Qualee subscription plan will determine how many users can simultaneously use Qualee, however there is no limit to the number of users that can install the Qualee app.
Go ahead, try it out!
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

Does Qualee have peer-to-peer messaging?
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Yes! The messaging feature in Qualee allows for chat-style messaging between mobile app users and with Qualee administrators. All chat messages are encrypted and Qualee also supports anonymous messaging with a simple toggle switch.


Here are a few extra details about our company, in case you were curious or looking for more.
Is Qualee environmentally and socially responsible?
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Absolutely. Everyone at Qualee is conscious about our social and environmental impact and opportunities. We are proud to support organisations of aligned values and our operations are 100% carbon offset. Please visit our Social Responsibility page to learn more.

Is user data on Qualee secure?
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Yes it is. We use the latest in coding and encryption technology to secure data in three states: at rest, in transit and in use. User data is tied with user accounts and once a user account is deleted, all associated data is deleted from the Qualee platform.

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