About Us

Our founders have been business and technology leaders at global Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and those in between. They've directly experienced the impact of both successful and unsuccessful talent engagement and the vast range of value creation in both scenarios.

The measurable value of great onboarding and engagement has been extensively researched and we're pleased to share that knowledge via our Blog.


At Qualee we know that a great first impression, followed by continuous engagement is fundamental in aligning talent to an organisation's vision, purpose and operating rhythm. We've made it simple for companies, of all sizes, to do exactly that.

Why the name 'Qualee'?

Everyone at Qualee is passionate about the continuous pursuit of excellence.

There are few places that is better expressed than in the sport of motor racing. Qualifying, or 'qually' as it's often referred to, sets the teams up for the main race by organising the starting grid through competitive time trials.


Qualee has a similar purpose: we help prepare your talent for your unique race, your pursuit of excellence, by bringing excitement, engagement and empowerment to your team. Every day.  


Our Vision

We believe in the power of the human spirit inspired by a collective goal.


For organisations with a similar belief, we've made Qualee for you. We aspire to providing the world's leading mobile solution to excite, engage and empower your talent, in real-time.

Our wish is to allow organisations of all sizes to express their uniqueness to their talent in a highly efficient and secure manner through an intuitive, self-managed delivery platform.




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Qualee is a leading cloud-based employee onboarding and engagement platform. We make it simple for companies to create exciting employee experiences that will empower your talent to be their very best. Every day.

The Qualee console has everything you need to create customised journeys, manage content and interact with your staff, who engage via an intuitive mobile app available on iOS and Android.

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