Create important feedback loops, empower your teams and streamline the post-hiring experience with intentionality.

Promoting meaningful connections in your workplace using employee onboarding and engagement as a catalyst for company growth.
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Workforces are changing and so are their expectations.

Traditional “onboarding” is notorious for being emotionless and only focusing on serving the compliance needs of an organization without addressing the needs of the employee. However, great organizations realize that for a team to succeed individual employees also need to succeed. There needs to be a sense of empathy shared with each new hire. With Qualee, you can demonstrate that empathy and create continual confidence with a repeatable process that puts your employees at the center of your growth.

It’s time to end inconsistent onboarding

It’s not only about time lost in inconsistencies, but also the impression you’re giving your workforce. You either have the right systems in place or you’re amplifying operational leaks.

Your growth is built on employee engagement

Companies that invest in their employee onboarding benefit from improved productivity, increased engagement, greater loyalty and advocacy – all the things that stimulate growth.

The traction that HR tech is seeing is a reflection of the huge value of the employee journey as a very clear-cut competitive advantage.

Employers are quickly realizing that employees are no longer limited in their choice of employer because of the rapid expansion in job opportunities that are available as a result of the increase in globalization. It’s no longer a matter of ‘if’ companies wanting to hire high-value talent at scale need to adjust to these new realities, but when. We’ve made Qualee plans competitively priced, so that you can adapt to these changes and start building best-in-classes employee experiences.
Human Resource Roles Update
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The workforce is changing on a global scale

The strongest teams are focused on inclusion and intentionality, but with multicultural and cross-generational dynamics on the rise, it’s essential that you can act upon these changes with confidence.
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Employee expectations are rising every day

Engaging with your employees isn’t a one time event. If you want to build a committed workforce with sold-out teams, you’ll need more than the annual Christmas party – we can help you get there.
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Online security is becoming a top priority

Our cloud security gives you the confidence to know that confidential information and personal data is fully secure, as well as made available to staff based only on provisioned access.
51% of millennials want communication frequently or continually on the job.

With the vast amount of resources available to us today, disengaged employees & high-turnover should be a thing of the past. Your power is in your people.

Qualee Employee Onboarding App - Comment Section
Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly clear that the ‘softer’ side of people management related to areas like culture, values, happiness, wellbeing and engagement, have a significant impact on bottom line results. Accountability for HR departments in these areas is on the rise and with this increased accountability comes extra workloads. This is where inconsistencies and misaligned employee/employer expectations can arise. We'll help you move away from manual, standardized processes that are limited to the administrative must-haves and instead, help you leverage HR tech to build consistency and trust every day without having to juggle so many objectives at once.

Easier implementation

Your preboarding, onboarding and offboarding best-practices are easier and more efficient for you to implement when automated.

Consistency for all staff

Delivering a consistent experience for every employee gives new hires and existing employees an instant impression of workplace excellence.

Expand your reputation

Ultimately, every effort to promote the employee experience reflects greatly on the HR department and promotes employer branding.
Survey platforms exist. Messaging platforms exist. Group calendaring tools exist. Multimedia content repositories exist. eSignature capabilities exist. These capabilities must be built into one unit for there to be fully empowering employee engagement experiences.
Qualee Employee Engagement platform - Admin

Consistency in onboarding and engagement shouldn’t change from one employee to the other.

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Time Consuming

Establishing new hires and continually checking in on their engagement requires time.
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Manual Processing

Without tech-driven automation, onboarding and engagement requires manual processing.
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Paperwork intensive

For compliance reasons, matters related to HR often involve a lot of inefficient paperwork activities.
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Impersonal approach

Most onboarding processes are not customized a particular person, role, location or language.
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Remote Working

Employees need consistent messaging when they’re not meeting colleagues face to face.
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Insecure transfers

Sensitive information is leaving organizations via email or there’s heavily reliance on intranets.

Understanding the employee experience is fundamental to the success of any organization.

The majority of employee onboarding and engagement solutions are only available for MNCs, requiring substantial financial investment to setup and technical knowledge to maintain them. They typically focus solely on onboarding, so other solutions are required for engagement features that drive results. This often disengages employees because of the complex inner-company infrastructure involved. We've recognized that employee experience shouldn’t be limited to a function of corporate compliance and protocol. It should be leveraged to maximize the benefits that employees can expect to receive in an engagement-driven environment.
Staff Orientation and Training
Staff Discussion on Company Onboarding

Managing more new hires doesn’t mean you need more managers.

Scaling your operations without scaling your culture can create a lot of uncertainty and chaos in your organization. However, increasing line managers in order to manage the engagement of your new hires and maintain a clear sense of your culture is no longer a viable option. You can now build systems of employee engagement that create excitement and anticipation every step of the way by instilling your organizational culture using our native app. Effectively grow your workforce without unnecessarily growing your managerial payroll at the same rate.


Automate repeated tasks, simplify duplicate requirements and free up more time for your leadership team.


We’ve built in APIs for HR experts that need something that connects well with their existing tech stack.


Making sure everything necessary to hit the ground running is already prepared when new hires start.

Placing social responsibility at the forefront of our company growth.

At Qualee, we’re privileged to be doing what we love, but we’re also mindful that not everyone in this world is as fortunate. So, the opportunity to provide #newbeginnings for others is an honor we are proud to involve ourselves in. For every customer that purchases a plan with us at Qualee, we’ve committed to providing a portion of our profit to funding charity organizations that are close to our hearts for also providing new beginnings in their own way. Charities that demonstrate alignment with our values may qualify for free access to Qualee Pro. Please contact us at to find out more.

We utilize the latest in Cloud data center technology to minimize our computing related carbon impact and offset our entire operational carbon footprint through the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform.