Measure the moments that matter by understanding your unique drivers of engagement. In real-time.

Employee engagement platform with A.I. powered micro surveys completed at any time, from anywhere. Collate and analyse actionable data that pays back in spades.
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Powerful A.I. technology reveals insights and trends that link to crucial business outcomes.

Qualee Engage uses workplace psychology tested science and A.I. technology to completely eliminate the dreaded annual employee engagement survey. By centralising your feedback and streamlining catagorically relevant surveys, the true employee experience can now be visualised and understood in real-time, allowing you to act faster, smarter and far more effectively.
Maximise cost savings through real-time improvements
Map participation rates to overall employee confidence
Identify and reverse important operational weaknesses
Measure employee engagement progress over time
Employee Engagement Platform - Qualee
Smart Staff Engagement Survey - Qualee

Listen to each of your employees thoughtfully, anonymously, continuously & intelligently.

Ensuring the anonymity of your employees’ feedback is critical in creating trust with your staff. Qualee’s unique algorithm ensures that survey questions are automatically distributed to employees intelligently and that all responses are anonymised. Qualee’s structured engagement questions are founded in workplace psychology and can be augmented with your own custom questions or company values. Today’s extended workplace demands a mobile-friendly experience. One that’s intuitive, fast and secure. Available on both Apple’s iOS and Android, that’s exactly what the Qualee app delivers.

Focus your efforts on areas that matter – like employee wellbeing, job fit and career development.

We help you create a culture of continuous feedback so you can make smarter decisions for the future of your company based on real data from across your workforce. When you can see how your employees truly feel about their work in real-time, you're empowered to make wiser decisions based on common threads that are seen as being vitally important and should be improved – at any given moment. You'll also be cultivating a happier workforce that's full of employees who are far more engaged, because they know their involvement matters.

Let everyone know that they’ve been heard and what you’re doing to improve their experience.

With most people today working remotely, it’s not always easy for staff to know that their feedback has been listened to and that the company is committed to making positive change. Once activities are created in the Qualee console they can be published to allow all employees to see exactly what the company is working on, who’s responsible and the expected time frame. It keeps expectations aligned with actions in order to create consistent momentum and boost employee morale.

*Engagement scores by specific drivers will continue to be tracked to ensure that activities have realised the desired improvement outcomes.

Combining the importance of people and data to create employee experiences that drive greater productivity and a stronger bottom line.