Fast-track your talent acquisition journeys while continuing to foster a sense of belonging for every one of your employees.

Building a work culture where employees go above and beyond because they believe in their colleagues, manager and company.
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Hiring the right people is only half the challenge. Meaningful onboarding and engagement is the key to rapid growth.

With changes in organizational structures, onboarding challenges and shifts in new employee expectations, fast adaption is required to stay ahead in an increasingly global marketplace. An ostrich mentality is no longer an option. It's up to you to take action and engage your team in a way that aligns with their needs so that you can boost excitement and productivity to new heights. We're here to help you along the way.

Employee onboarding methods need a change

We bridge the gap between HCM/HRIS and Performance management. These systems are traditionally created in the interest of a company, while we focus on the interests of new employees as well as their co workers.

Employee engagement boosts moral and ideas

Using our platform, engagement best-practices are far easier and more efficient to implement. This reflects greatly on your management and your entire team can benefit as a result.

Build brand awareness by styling the app interface as your own.

Branding is a cornerstone of any experience delivery, which is why our customization options in the Qualee Console allow you to fully tailor the look and feel of the Qualee App. From logos to colors, icons and images, you can make it your very own. With full customization, you're increasing brand awareness and building employer branding amongst new hires and existing employees. This will help instill your company culture and a strong sense of belonging for all.
Add logos in the app template and console after login
Customize the app interface with company colors
Build regular awareness and strong employer branding
Spread the company culture and a sense of belonging
Qualee Employee Onboarding App - Brand Awareness
Qualee Employee Onboarding Program - Gamification

Increase employee engagement and naturally promote buy-in by using Gamification.

Gamification significantly helps your employees acquire knowledge more effectively, while simultaneously helping them to retain that knowledge longer. In today's fast-pace environments, company immersion is critical to maintaining your operational capacity. Build employee journeys that are naturally structured with progress indicators and add motivating encouragements along the way, as well as validating learning through timely quizzes. If you want to make improvements based on important feedback from your employees, you can do that by gathering insights via customizable surveys that engage your employees from hire to retire.

Whistleblowing - If you say their voice matters, give them one.

Providing employees with a whistleblowing channel is mandatory in numerous countries, which means that companies have to purchase a new tool to incorporate for this to be a part of their communications because no existing communication tools on the market are anonymous. Our whistleblowing feature allows for anonymous messaging capabilities, native to the Qualee app, allowing employees to report illegal or unethical activity and companies to keep their communications streamlined within one platform. Employees can directly message their company's coordinator, in real-time and use the anonymous channel as desired, giving them the confidence they need knowing that their voice is heard.

*The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, passed in 2019, requires applicable companies to provide an appropriate mechanism of communication to all employees. We're 100% compliant with this anonymous reporting capability.
Privacy and Anonymous Chat on Employee Onboarding Software
Whistleblowing dashboard

It's localized or it's nothing. Our solution comes in 20 languages – making us class-leading for localization.

We love diversity. The Qualee App and Console are available in 20 of the world's most widely used languages, with a special focus on Asia. Content can be uploaded via the Qualee Console, ensuring you have maximum flexibility when engaging your talent. These languages include English, Spanish, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Malay, Hindi, Tamil, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Arabic.
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Using a HCM solution? We thought so, that's why we created APIs.

Different areas of HR team are interrelated, so connecting with existing applications in use is important. This includes systems of record for maintaining employee information (PII) and relationships in the organization (e.g. who reports to who, salary data, DOB, addresses, bank account details, next of kin, insurance, benefits, etc.). When adding employees to use in the Qualee app, you can do it manually via the Qualee Console or automatically with our API connections. That way, when an employee record is created in your HCM system, the details are automatically used to create a user in Qualee. For a powerful and streamlined experience, you can connect to leading HCM solutions, including Workday, ADP and SAP SuccessFactors.
Logo of Workday
Logo of Success Factors
Employee turn-over is higher in younger workforce generations because younger employees expect experience-driven onboarding and engagement. Extend the boundaries of your organization into the reach of your employees by allowing secured, real-time knowledge sharing and communication.
Qualee Employee Onboarding Software - Live Chat

Livechat available as you execute your engagement strategy.

Our class-leading support options ensure that any questions you might have around building your employee onboarding process and engagement strategy using the Qualee console are promptly answered by our professional team of employee onboarding specialists. That means no talking to chatbots – we help with real people. Our livechat support is built into the Qualee Console on Premium and Pro Plans for real-time responses, as well as next business day email support for all of our Plans.

*Need advice? Our best-practice specialists are available to assist you with the design of your engagement solution, including content creation regarding copyrighting, photography and even videography.
Structured onboarding provides 50% greater new hire retention.

Your cloud-based console with multiple file format capabilities.

We put the control of all user and content management right where you need it in a human-centered console. Being cloud-based, there's no additional software to install. You simply access the console from any popular web browser on Mac or PC. Your console supports text, images, audio and video, which means that you can upload content in multiple formats so that the learning and engagement experience for your employees becomes exciting, fun and memorable, building a great impression for your organization.
Easy access content
Multiple format types
Video for learning
Infographics for learning
Audio for learning
Exciting & memorable
Qualee Employee Engagement Program - Multiple Content Format Supports

Receive more from your employees when you focus on giving first. Make employee engagement a priority & see the results for yourself.