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Explore each of the use cases that our leading employee onboarding and engagement platform provides across a variety of different combinations.
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Ensuring your people are onboard with the modus operandi before you set sail can make or break your bottom line goals.

The friction that can arise from misaligned expectations with new and existing employees can cost organizations in a big way. It doesn’t just affect company’s moral. Left unmanaged, it will erode communications, your ability to dial in on productivity and KPIs, as well as create the momentum and synergy needed to achieve bottom line goals. When employee engagement suffers it doesn’t take long for profits to follow, but when it’s prioritized, happier workforces can perform at their peak.

COVID-19: It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it.

As the world navigates the challenges of an unprecedented pandemic that’s disrupting operations and modes of communication, many companies are relying on remote working capabilities. Our customizable employee journeys are Cloud-powered and mobile enabled, making them ideal for onboarding/offboarding staff remotely because of the security and speed-to-access they provide. From configurable employee engagement actions, libraries for essential content, secure messaging for employee privacy and calendar scheduling, you can enable powerful real-time engagement, from anywhere in the world, without skipping a beat.
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Mergers and Acquisitions – Share processes that make you unique.

Mergers and acquisitions typically need to be handled with great care. The activities and transitions involved often require the rapid sharing of an organizations culture and operating practices with the acquired organization. Navigate these changes by leveraging the scalability, consistency and security that comes with Qualee. Execute customized journeys that help to calibrate acquiring staff, drive uniformity and create long-lasting synergy. By combining high-value assets such as company quizzes, employee surveys, secure private chat messaging and content sharing, you can get your employees to maximum productivity as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Designed with the future of work in mind to strengthen your organizational culture & multiply productivity.

Qualee Employee Onboarding Software - Increasing Productivity

Health & Safety – Ensuring your staff’s wellbeing is prioritized.

Giving your staff the ability to effectively report any Occupational Health & Safety concerns via secure chat messaging creates incredible peace of mind for business owners, CEOs and HR managers. We’ve made it quick and easy to make changes to critical company protocol assets such as OH&S policies and procedures, so that they can be shared instantly via the Content Library. Your company’s knowledge understanding can be validated through your customized employee quizzes so that people stay engaged while learning core pieces of important OH&S information.
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Interim Staff – Providing quality communications & access.

Whether they’re covering existing staff on leave, or have a short term contract temporarily filling in to keep your company moving forward, you cannot ignore the power and value that interim staff provide. By giving them access to our world leading mobile solution Qualee, you can get them up-to-speed with almost no additional effort, empowering them to perform at their best. We'll help you quickly express everything that’s unique your organization in a highly efficient and secure manner using an intuitive, self-managed delivery platform, regardless of whether their employee tenure with you is once off or recurring.
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Top engaged companies have 41% lower absenteeism.

Remote Teams – They used to be few and far between. Now they’re on the brink of running the world.

Only a few years ago, remote teams were the exception, but they are becoming the norm for many organizations. When your company is sharing physical space, the communication styles and requirements are significantly different than if you are operating with distributed, remote teams. Managing expectations, providing access to resources and removing obstacles to productivity are the key challenges that we’ve created built-in solutions for so that remote work is as organized and effective, as it is flexible. Quickly distribute clearly defined goals to achieve results, no matter where your employees are in the world.
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With the remote working trend on the rise, most companies are struggling to onboard employees without having them come to their place of work, as well as keeping them engaged without the usual face to face workplace interactions that come from management, colleagues and social events.
Qualee Employee Engagement Platform - Multiple Tools Features

Built for multiple use cases

The Qualee console has been built with multiple use cases in mind, so we’ve made sure that there’s provision for multiple file type uploads, making sharing easy.

Use a diverse range of tools

Journeys, forms, quizzes and surveys are all part of an intuitive interface, allowing for employee segmentation and complete control over access.

High quality engagements

M&As, interim and remote work are only some of the examples, but the true list is endless. Building employee engagement is always relevant and applicable.
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Knowledge Distribution – Quickly manage changes & developments.

Rapid changes in your company’s product or service offerings can be a challenging to navigate when it comes to shifting your company’s operational capacity to a new level. Efficiency in areas such as Time to Market can lead to rapid growth and lucrative ventures, but only if everyone in your company is on the same page. Whether it's a new menu at a restaurant or a change to an employee handbook, our solution allows for the latest information to reach all of your relevant staff immediately. New product, service and company knowledge can also be retained through quizzes and allow for feedback or questions via in-app surveys.

Efficiently share your content, culture & operating procedures with employees using our native mobile app, available on both iOS & Android.