Successful teams don’t just focus on doing the small things exceptionally well, they focus on doing them in the right sequence.

Performance-enhancing onboarding and employee engagement journeys that drive deeper connections for bigger operational impact.
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Onboard and engage employees using custom employee engagement modules that build star performers.

Structured employee onboarding journeys help you distribute organizational knowledge through intuitive Micro-Learning employee modules, creating company familiarization for new hires and updating your existing employees and already established teams. Each training module can help streamline the learning experience and boost employee motivation from the very first page.

After all, employees of all levels and salary ranges can experience anxiety when starting a new job and the pressure to perform that comes with it. Customized journeys that differ based on seniority profiles can help ease that work tension, with upper-level management teams receiving completely different onboarding journeys to your next intern.

*50% of all new senior hires quit in their first 18 months because they don’t feel connected to the job, their role, or their work. We help reduce that number, which is critical as the recruitment of senior hires is usually a long and typically expensive process.
Qualee Employee Onboarding - Custom Journeys

Activate your new hires at scale with dynamic preboarding.

Providing soon-to-be employees with essential knowledge and ancillary resources in a timely manner is one of the most important employee engagement strategies and a crucial part of creating momentum that lasts beyond the honeymoon period of starting a new position. It’s essential that people can familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of your company and their new position before they’ve started working with you, not during or even after. This type of pre-work preparation is an essential part of any employee engagement program and an important driver of business success.
Qualee Preboarding Engagement App - Progress Overview

Building commitment and excitement for each new employee before they start.

Use a preboarding process set up as an integral part of your employee engagement strategies and inform and prepare your new hires before they begin their first day. This way you instill a deep sense of confidence and create anticipation for an employee/employer experience that will stay with them throughout their tenure. One of the best practices for preboarding engagement is through Micro-Learning. Our platform hosts bite-sized learning modules created specifically so that an HR trainer can provide them to new employees can learn about their role and expectations all via their mobile device and any location. Instead of utilizing a traditional trainer for an in-person class in a workshop or classroom, bite-sized (max. 3 min) training modules make it fun, engaging, and convenient for staff to learn.

Onboarding journeys that are intuitively human. Promote the building of a tribe, not a roster.

Effective onboarding processes leverage the Four C's of onboarding - Culture, Compliance, Connection, and Clarification. This is the same foundation for building a tribe of people that are aligned with your vision. By utilizing our innovative Cloud and mobile technologies to drive your onboarding program, you can start measurably improving your new hire experience across these four areas. You’ll also be building a strong foundation for employee success and nurture business success drivers that have a direct affect on your ability to drive revenue and profit margins, creating long-lasting employee alignment and congruence.
Qualee Employee Onboarding App - Journeys Report

Most C-suite time is being pulled at from every direction, but trying to onboard new employees with no official welcome is so-so. So?

Employee Satisfaction After Onboarding Process
Staff Discussing on Employee Journeys

Share a C-suite welcome video with all new hires, expand your reach, and increase employee engagement

In a good environment, a new hire will have 15-30 mins scheduled with a C-suite to make sure that they feel welcome, providing a high-level background to the company, present strategies, challenges, and opportunities at hand. Nowadays delivering this level of engagement is can be challenging and require more effort, especially when new hires are in different locations or hiring is taking place in large volumes. Your C-suite team and HR managers can share a welcome video with all of your new hires and prepare additional videos specific to role seniority, location, department. That means no more navigating availability, locations, or preparatory limitations.
Productivity can increase by over 70% with well-structured onboarding.

Feedback analyzed by powerful machine learning algorithms for meaningful, actionable insights.

Designing, distributing, collating, and analyzing the results of an employee survey can be extremely time intensive for HR leaders and participating departments. The extended time taken to understand findings leads to delays in corrective actions, which can further frustrate employees. The engagement module gives you automated, intelligent, and centralized employee feedback processes, where questions are intelligently distributed via automatic schedules that minimize time commitment and maximize company insights. Datasets are then tracked over time, allowing consideration for snapshot insights and trend assessments. This level of available information gives HR managers and team leaders a wealth of insight into their employees and teams and help them efficiently increase employee engagement.
Qualee Employee Engagement App - Feedback Processing
Qualee Employee Engagement Program - Remote Hire

Remote friendly – it’s official and it’s taking the future of work by storm.

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New Hires Remotely

Remote onboarding new hires is not some distant idealism. It’s happening every day at a rapid rate.
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Entirely Cloud-powered

Onboarding and engaging your staff remotely? It’s crucial that it's done in a secure environment.
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Customizable Journeys

New hires deserve the opportunity to experience customized journeys that validate their importance.
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Mobile Enabled

Our mobile-enabled journeys mean that you can provide ease of use and access, just about anywhere.
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Geographically Limitless

Configure actions, content libraries, secured messaging, and calendars, regardless of staff locations.
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Real-Time Engagement

Making updates, changes, and new releases in real-time has never been easier within our ecosystem.
Employee Offboarding Journeys

Offboarding journeys should be impactful and memorable.

The offboarding experience you provide your departing employees has a significant influence on both your employer branding and your present employees. Even if it may not seem like it, offboarding is still part of your employee engagement strategies. You can enhance your organization's reputation and make sure that your exiting employees leave as brand ambassadors by delivering a seamless and thoughtful offboarding experience that recognizes these employees for the value they’ve provided for you and your organization.
Automate offboarding processes based on roles
Easily facilitate the completion of offboarding forms
Streamline closing of security access and transfers
Distribute all your relevant offboarding documents
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With millennials expected to increase to 75% of the workforce by 2025, there is a growing expectation that companies should care about their people and invest in employee engagement.

Workplace culture is critical to growth

Millennials are dominating the workforce and are more likely to look for a new place to work if they feel the culture isn’t a fit. This is even more apparent in remote situations. Innovating and implementing meaningful employee engagement strategies is key to helping them enjoy their work, understand the organization, and feel like part of the team.

An employee’s journey starts before day #1

Starting a new role is often intimidating and can be a life-altering decision. The time between acceptance and commencement is typically short, but also essential to instilling a positive expectancy. It's important to utilize the window from the job offer to day one to create engaged employees.

Cultivating trust & connections at all times

Employees are often seeking opportunities for development in their roles. Having a platform to enhance connection is the ultimate trust-factor for elevating employee involvement and input.
Qualee Employee Engagement App - Messaging
Structured onboarding improves employee engagement
and provides 50% greater new hire retention.
Qualee Employee Onboarding Program - Micro-Learning

Spend less time educating staff 1-on-1 with Micro-Learning and a central point for updates.

Revolutionize your company’s learning culture with topic-specific, bite-sized learning modules that keep it fun and engaging for your employees to learn about their roles and expectations through their mobile device – from any location. You can create alignment in your workforce using time-released Micro-Learning videos, audio, and modules with documents, as well as systems that drive continuous learning and updates around new rules, regulations, and expectations for existing staff or past employees coming back onboard. Encourage curiosity and employee engagement while retaining that 1-on-1 feeling.

Experience, performance, and retention – these are key areas of advancement. The best time to start is now.

Qualee Employee Onboarding Software - Detailed Information

Your power is in your people

It needs to be said that in order to reach your company’s full potential, embracing the power of a focused and engaged workforce is a prerequisite.

Nurture high performance

High performance and good work are a by-product of laying out clear and empowering foundations for an employee’s experience every step of the way.

Growth by trust & loyalty

Modern-day businesses are faced with a barrage of challenges to retain employees. The best way to start is by building deeper connections with employees and investing in increasing their level of engagement.
*Not only can you make additional information and resources accessible to specific employee types needing additional support in their roles, but you can also personalize employee engagement journeys based on their role so that segmenting information and file access becomes a standard practice.
Employee Reboarding and Engagement Meeting

Reboarding furloughed staff is more common than you may think.

Delivering essential training to upskill and refresh the knowledge of existing, furloughed and past employees is an important part of maintaining the integrity of your company culture and mission as rapid changes become the norm. You want to create a positive learning experience while maintaining the consensus that your employees’ values align with yours, especially when they’ve been inactive for an extended period of time. We’ve built a smart and innovative mobile-first solution that works in line with reacquainting staff, getting them up to speed on new procedures and providing a dependable source of reliable company information.

No limits

Create as many journeys as you like and you will only be charged for those that are published, giving you more control with experimentation or single use cases.

50% more

No matter what the scenario for onboarding new employees is for your company, doing it well pays off - structured onboarding provides 50% greater new hire retention.

41% less

Absenteeism is a killer for most businesses. It can stall productivity or affect moral, so it’s not surprising that top engaged companies have 41% lower absenteeism.