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End-to-end employee experience journeys, real-time engagement insights and intelligent compliance that accelerate performance, deepen commitment and increase retention.
Companies with engaged employees generate 2.5x more revenue
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Measurably increase your staff’s productivity, decrease turnover, and skyrocket your operations.

Maximize your company performance when onboarding new employees by engaging your new hires before they begin their first day, during their time with your company and all the way to their last day. Our onboarding and employee engagement platform is mobile-first and can be fully tailored to your organization to build informative and interactive curated journeys. Brand it with your very own company logo and color schemes to match the characteristics that make your company unique, distribute company documents, or launch surveys and quizzes. These are just a fraction of the full capabilities we've built in and made accessible.
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Everything you need to create customized journeys, manage content and interact with staff.

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An increasing number of forward-thinking companies are leveraging employee onboarding and engagement automation through technology so that their HR teams can focus on the things that are most essential to their growth. Much of this is motivated by the fact that investing in HR engagement solutions like ours can show a 50% increase in retention of new hires. By creating greater clarity around your company's core purpose and operational requirements, as well as providing an easy point of access for company documentation and communications for your employees, you too can be on the fast-track to reducing workplace stresses and boosting employee satisfaction.
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New hire retention can be 50% higher with a structured onboarding process. Watch your staff double-down on their commitment with you because you went that extra mile.

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Streamline your employee onboarding processes and maximize your new hire capacity with ease.
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Promote inclusion through Micro-Learning, content distribution & uniquely solicited company-wide feedback.
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Send off your departing staff with an appropriate farewell & facilitate necessary closing processes.

Delivered via a native app. Like it should be.

Being a native mobile app platform means you get exclusive access to key capabilities like real-time notifications, tighter integrations with device hardware and biometric security – no more remembering usernames or passwords. It's that easy.
Highly engaged companies have 30% higher productivity.
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The ability to connect with your employees on a more personal level made possible at scale.

Bringing on new employees usually attracts repetitive tasks for protocols and filings. This often leaves new employees with a first-impression that doesn’t exactly aid an organization in creating anticipation and excitement around the employee’s new role. By leveraging our cloud-based HR tech platform, with A.I. and Machine Learning at its core, you can transform a historically form-heavy, protocol-laden experience into a memorable and exciting journey for every employee.
It’s not just about onboarding and engaging your employees, it’s about creating a growing ecosystem that promotes culture, connections, clarification and compliance in a way that is scalable and accessible from your pocket at the touch of a button.

Employees are actively changing decisions around employment based on employer experience.

On a global scale, employees are becoming more attuned to what makes a desirable work environment. If their experience with you becomes sub-par because you haven’t built in the right systems for employee engagement, there’s a good chance they’ll move on and look elsewhere. By giving them a direct channel of communication with the company, you’re making it easy to ask questions and feel confident about your mutual expectations working together.
Employee Management Solutions

49% of millennials

Want there to be better onboarding practices in place from their employers and immediate leadership team.

57% of employees

Want their employers to do more around how they manage their employee engagement practices.

Up to 202% better

Companies with engaged employees achieve far better results, even up to 202% better than those that don’t.

Drive up to 18x more engagement in your teams with a native app.

Across all demographics, but particularly in regions such as Asia, smartphone penetration is continuing to rise at a rapid rate. Native app users spend up to 18x more time on a native app than on a mobile website, which means that if you really want to leverage existing behavior trends in a digital environment, using a mobile-first platform is the best way to enhance employee onboarding and engagement.

*We use enterprise-grade security so that all company and user data is encrypted using the latest 256-bit algorithms.
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Enterprise-grade security. From our Cloud environment, to our mobile app and in between.

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Choose to login with Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication security.
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It’s safe at all times

Company and user data is encrypted using the latest 256-bit algorithms for extra security.
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Time-based security

We’ve built in automated timeouts and time-based data purging for extra peace of mind.
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Password requirements

The days of QWERTY are over, complex password requirements means tighter safety measures.
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Appropriate usage

Content usage controls are all administrator configurable – so that access is always accurate.
Replacing an employee costs 33% of their annual salary.

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