Social Responsibility. Powered.

The team at QUALEE are privileged to be doing what we love. We are also mindful that not everyone in this world is as fortunate.

The opportunity to provide #newbeginnings for others is an honour we are proud to involve ourselves in.

For every client that purchases QUALEE, we are committed to providing a portion of our profit to funding charity organisations that are close to our hearts for also providing new beginnings in their own way.


Charities that demonstrate alignment with our values may qualify for free access to Qualee Pro. Please contact us to find out more.

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Carbon Neutral. For Good.

We believe in great beginnings and meaningful experiences for everyone - including future generations to come.

Qualee utilises the latest in Cloud data centre technology to minimise our computing related carbon impact and offset our entire operational carbon footprint through the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform.




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Qualee is a leading cloud-based employee onboarding and engagement platform. We make it simple for companies to create exciting employee experiences that will empower your talent to be their very best. Every day.

The Qualee console has everything you need to create customised journeys, manage content and interact with your staff, who engage via an intuitive mobile app available on iOS and Android.

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