Involve new hires with dynamic preboarding

Preboarding engages new hires even before they begin their first day, instilling confidence and generating excitement throughout the experience.

New hires can be identity verified remotely by our Artificial Intelligence-powered mobile app, that can authenticate identity documents from over 230 countries, in real-time.

Provide new employees with essential knowledge and ancillary resources so that they can familiarise themselves with your company and their new position.

Onboarding made simple

Increase revenue and profit margins with an effective onboarding process that caters to the Four C's of onboarding - Culture, Compliance, Connection and Clarification.

By utilising innovative Cloud and mobile technologies to drive your onboarding program, you can measurably improve your new hire experience while also building a foundation for employee success.

Remote onboard
new hires

Customisable journeys are Cloud-powered and mobile enabled, making them ideal for securely onboarding staff remotely.

Configurable actions, content libraries, secured messaging and calendaring help geographically dispersed teams thrive, enabling powerful real-time engagement.

Reboard & re-engage furloughed staff

Deliver essential training to upskill or refresh the knowledge of existing employees after they have been inactive for an extended period of time.

Utilise smart and innovative mobile solutions for reacquainting staff, getting them up to speed on new procedures and providing a dependable source of reliable company information.

Revolutionalise your learning culture

Encouraging curiosity and engagement from the top-down through focused, bite-sized learning modules.

You can create your own micro-learning journeys that are time-released and include a variety of content, including  documents, audio and video.

Optimised offboarding

An employee's last impression can be as impactful as their first. The offboarding experience has a significant influence on both your employer branding and remaining employees.

Enhance your organisation's reputation and ensure your exiting employees leave as brand ambassadors by using Qualee to deliver a seamless and thoughtful offboarding experience.





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Qualee is a leading cloud-based employee onboarding and engagement platform. We make it simple for companies to create exciting employee experiences that will empower your talent to be their very best. Every day.

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