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5 Essential Offboarding Email Templates to Use In 2023

Thursday, March 2, 2023

5 Essential Offboarding Email Templates to Use In 2023

You must handle the offboarding process tactfully and professionally regardless of why a worker leaves your business.

Offboarding encompasses everything from employee separation to recruitment and hiring. Shrewd businesses establish a ladder of success so that when one employee quits, the next person in line is prepared for the position.

Yet, before an employee's last day on the job, a significant amount of administrative work must be finished quickly, including filing tax and payroll documents, reclaiming corporate property, and revoking access to resources.

You must handle the offboarding process tactfully and professionally regardless of why a worker leaves your business.

Fortunately, an offboarding email template can streamline offboarding by giving you extra time on your hands and minimizing spending.

Below is what you need to understand about employee offboarding, including a list of the best 5 offboarding email templates that will no doubt make your offboarding effortless.

What It Means To Offboard An Employee

Employee offboarding is the procedure that results in a formal breakup between a worker and a corporation via retirement, termination, or resignation. It includes every choice and action made throughout an employee's departure.

Employee offboarding might comprise:

  • Transferring the duties of that employee's position
  • Removing credentials and access rights
  • Delivering company equipment
  • Interviewing existing patrons to obtain comments

An offboarding email ensures no loose ends when an employee leaves the organization, so you don't end yourself emailing a former employee two weeks later asking for their ID card, for instance.

Additionally, you can learn from the process what you can do to make things better for your present and future employees.

Why Is Employee Offboarding Important

Here are more reasons employee offboarding is crucial:

Keep Up a Positive Relationship with Terminating Employees

Respecting leaving employees fosters prospective brand ambassadors for your company in an indirect way. They'll spread the good word about your business to their friends and relations.

Additionally, former workers might even go so far as to post favorable reviews on job portals and social media.

The company's level of consideration for the departing employee will also motivate the remaining staff members.

Clear Communication of Departure Terms

In addition to ensuring clear communication regarding the terms of the employee's departure, a systematic offboarding strategy will assist employers in maintaining an organized offboarding email template.

Creates Conditions for the Return of Good Employees

There is no guarantee that an employee will leave permanently upon resigning. An ex-employee may return to your business as a boomerang worker, bringing new expertise and knowledge to the position.

It Helps Understand Terminating Employees

Your company may benefit much from the information that departing employees can provide. A candid conversation might help you learn crucial facts and insightful details about the organization's weaknesses.

The answers may reveal even troubles at work you are unaware of. The data they provide can be used to enhance working conditions for the remaining staff.

Examples Of Offboarding Email Templates

1. Employee Alert Email

Subject Line Template: Warning Notice for [Type of Misconduct]

Dear [Name of Employee],

Due to your [Misconduct type] that adversely affects your work performance and your team's productivity, you are receiving this Warning Notice. We take [Misconduct type] seriously and require compliance from all our employees under our company's [Name policy].

By [particular example of what they did, including how frequently it occurred, who was impacted, etc.], you have broken [Name policy]. We comprehend that unforeseen problems can occur. While we are open to change, we nevertheless demand professionalism and the company's best interests from all of our employees.

The process for disciplining employees at [Company name] begins with this warning. Otherwise, we'll have to impose more punishment, possibly even termination.

I'm willing to talk to you about any problems you are having that led to your [Misconduct category]. If there's any way I can assist you, kindly get in touch with me directly.


(Your name)


2. Email Invitation For Exit Interview

Subject: Request for the last interview

Dear [Name of Employee],

From everyone at [Company name], thank you. We are grateful for your assistance throughout the years and wish you luck in your future pursuits.

We would want to set up an exit interview with you as part of our mission to improve our business. Through this interview, we will be able to learn more about your experiences—both positive and negative—at [Company name].

Your response will inform management about improving our workplace for existing and prospective employees.

The exit interview will occur on [day] at [hour] in the [location].

You can either finish it before the interview or give responses during our meeting. We won't record your meeting comments in your file because they are private and confidential.

The management receives a summary report of all exit interview input from departing employees.

If you have any inquiries or a change of plans, please feel free to respond to this email.

We are eager to speak with you.

Best wishes

(Your name)

[Name of company]

3. Resignation Acknowledgement Email

Subject: Resignation acceptance

Dear [Name of Employee],

We regretfully acknowledge receiving your resignation email sent on [date] via email. Therefore, your resignation from [job held] at [Company name] has been accepted and is effective as of [date].

On or before [date], you must [details relating to the offboarding process, such as returning company-issued goods]. Your leaving payment will be arranged by the accounting division and sent to you.

We express our gratitude for your work with [Company name] and best wishes for your future undertakings.

If you have any more queries, don't hesitate to email HR at this address.

Best wishes

(Your name)

[Name of company]

4. Announcement of [Employee Name] Departure

Dear all,

This is to let you know that [Employee name] will begin working at [Company name] on [date] per [their] agreement.

For the whole [number of years served] that [Employee name] was with us, [Employee name] was an outstanding worker. We are grateful for all they have done to advance the business.

Please be present as we bid [Employee name] farewell on [day], [time], and [location].

The position of [Employee name] will be taken over by [interim employee name] as of [departure date] until we find a successor.

Best wishes

(Your name)

[Name of company]

5. Invitation to Current Employees to Fill Up the Vacancy Email

Subject: Hiring for [Job title] / Open position: [Job title]

Good day all,

We seek exceptional applicants to apply for [Job title] in our [Department, for example, the Marketing Department]. Before the position is advertised through external channels, we wanted to let you know about it so you may apply before anyone else.

As the [Job title], you will be a member of the [example: Product Marketing] team and accountable for [explain two or three primary responsibilities].

You must meet [said prerequisites, abilities, and experience] to be considered for this position.

Click here [insert a link to the job post] to learn more about the role if this sounds like a good fit.

To apply for this position, [insert application process, e.g., send your resume and a cover letter to [email protected] by [date] to [respond to this email]].

If you have any inquiries concerning the position or the application procedure, contact our HR staff [include contact information].


(Your name)


Please feel free to copy or use the internal structure and rules as a reference.

Remember that this template is not a legal document and might not account for all pertinent regional or federal laws.

The template's contents are merely a starting point. Don't forget to add and modify the variables (name, logos, etc.) to customize the template for your company.

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