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A Beginner's Guide to HR Consulting

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A Beginner's Guide to HR Consulting

The employee experience within the work environment should be significant to employers, as it dramatically affects productivity and the overall success of an organization. Improving that experience means upgrading workspaces, introducing employee benefits, and investing more time and money into training.

An HR Consultant can greatly assist companies that require human resources services. Typically, an HR Consultant will charge an hourly rate, which varies depending on experience and location. HR Consultants provide administrative support within an HR program, acting in a supervisory HR role.

The Meaning of HR Consulting

Acting as an HR Consultant means that you would deliver every aspect of HR management, but as an external provider that doesn't have an actual stake in the company in which you're providing the services. HR Consultants address employee environment, concerns, and business and professional issues associated with business operations. These could include contracts and client development, and management.

The demand for HR Consulting is not limited to major corporations, and many independent HR Consultants find that the most significant area of opportunity sits with smaller companies. There are plenty of businesses with fewer than 50 to 100 employees, representing many prospects for independent emerging and established HR Consultants.

More and more companies are attempting to lighten their staffing burdens by contracting services, whether that be copywriting, marketing, or in this case, HR. Outsourcing continues to grow, so if you're interested in becoming a Human Resource Consultant, now is the time to get started.

What to Consider before Becoming an HR Consultant

There are plenty of things to contemplate before choosing any career path, but if you've got your heart set on entering HR consultancy or launching your own HR consulting business, there are a few considerations you might want to address.


‍ Before taking the HR Consultant plunge, you should step back and ask yourself what appeals to you concerning the position. Do you want to start your own business, or are you looking for a way to make extra money? These are two very different situations and will affect how you pursue your new career or temporary side-hustle. Be true to yourself regarding what you want to get out of the effort before beginning.

Pros and Cons

‍ Every life situation calls for a pros and cons list, and becoming an HR Consultant is no exception. What are the advantages and drawbacks of consultant work? You might prefer to work full-time for a specific organization for health insurance benefits or stability. On the other hand, the freedom of creating your hours may be more important to you.

Laying the Groundwork

‍ Does your current life situation allow the time for you to lay the groundwork necessary for success in HR Consulting? Forming an LLC, creating a professional website, developing your online presence and marketing plan, building an emergency fund and setting up a corporate bank account are essential steps in your new career path.

You may also want to think about your niche and building your client base. A mentor is a fantastic option for those just starting!

HR Consulting Skills You Need

Every job comes with a specific skill set. If you want to become an HR Consultant or start an HR consulting business, some distinct talents must come along with you. Some of them are learned, and some are innate. They include:

  • Carefully honed sales and negotiation skills;
  • The ability to communicate well with others;
  • Meet various company goals and work well under pressure;
  • Maintain confidence and positivity;
  • Professionalism;
  • Administrative and organizational skills;
  • The ability to work well alone and in a team setting.

If you lack some of these qualities, don't get discouraged. A mentor can significantly affect your outcome of becoming a human resources consultant.

Degrees that Could Be Beneficial To HR Consultants

Every situation is different, but in most cases, HR Consultants have several years of experience in the HR field and, at the very least, a Bachelor's Degree. Many candidates prefer a Master's Degree, but this is not a requirement and should not stop you from pursuing your venture.

As an HR Consultant, you do not need a specialized degree as long as you have hands-on experience with an HR Consulting Firm or in the HR Department. However, a degree in Human Resources Management or Business Administration could help you get ahead of the competition on your career path. In general, any level of human resources employment expects an HR degree or business degree with an HR concentration.

Tips To Read Before Offering HR Consulting Services

‍There are specific aspects that companies look for in an HR Consultant. Before you begin marketing and offering your services, you've got to ensure that you have what companies want.

Experience ‍

Companies want HR Consultants with knowledge, so don't hold back regarding your background. HR professionals with diverse work indicate great consultants, so get as much experience as possible! HR needs are multifaceted, and it's important to showcase that you can handle that aspect.

References ‍

As potential clients want to hear about your past successes, offer your references willingly. Even if you're just starting as an independent consultant, college and past work-related accolades are always welcome in the conversation.

Research a Plan of Action ‍

Your consulting business should have an action plan regarding prospective clients. While no two companies are the same, HR encompasses a particular set of rules, regulations, skills, and expectations. You'll want to provide your clients with what they can expect from you and inform them of how you'll individualize the plan moving forward.

Conclusion: Key Takeaways

‍ Unless you've been in the industry for a long time, there is rarely a fast track to establishing HR Consulting businesses. Laying the groundwork and ensuring you have the correct educational tools and skills takes time, and while it's never unattainable to those who work hard, it's something that you cannot rush.

If you believe that HR Consulting is in your future, it's time to lay the foundation. One thing that will never fail you, regardless of your HR experience, is education. Clients expect it, and you'll advance quickly if you've got it and, better yet, know how to apply it.

Qualee offers HR Consulting services for your organization, whether it be in the field of general HR tech and employee experience or specifically in the fields of onboarding, engagement and compliance. Please get in touch with our team for more information:

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