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HR Tech provider Qualee Technology closes US$1m seed round

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

HR Tech provider Qualee Technology closes US$1m seed round

Singapore, 1 July 2020 – Qualee Technology, the Singapore-headquartered employee onboarding and engagement solution provider, has successfully closed its US$1m seed round with investment from Tandem Technology Partners.

Qualee allows companies of all sizes to share their values, culture and operating procedures with all employees at any time and anywhere through a native mobile app, available on iOS and Android. The company’s proprietary Cloud-based platform, featuring A.I. and Machine Learning at its core, provides clients the ability to design customized on/off-boarding and micro-learning journeys, manage multimedia content repositories, meet compliance requirements and regularly engage staff. Designed to be intuitive and interactive, this HR Tech solution simplifies the automation of employee experiences that empower talent to be their very best.

“Qualee was founded on the principle that people are the driving force behind every business,” said Charley Zuidinga, COO of Qualee. “Our mission is to enable companies with a highly secure, self-service application to empower their talent and instill a sense of belonging. Every day.”

The company has a global mindset with its SaaS solution offered and supported worldwide. The Qualee App is currently available in sixteen of the world’s most widely used languages, including: English, Spanish, Bahasa, Chinese, Hindi, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese. This supports the commitment to expand throughout the Asia-Pacific region that represents a significant proportion of the world’s workforce. Qualee chose Singapore as its headquarters based on the favorable government support for start-ups, world-class infrastructure, proximity to key markets and network of talent.

"We are humbled by the success of this fundraising round, particularly in the midst of challenges COVID-19 has presented all companies," said Qualee Co-Founder and CEO Vipula Samarakoon. "Given the enthusiastic response from our clients, this was the right time to raise capital and I am thrilled to have Tandem Technology Partners participate in the growth of Qualee. The current limitations of physical presence in workplaces reduces opportunities for observable behaviors. Remote teams must instead rely on their company’s values to help foster the desired culture. Qualee was deliberately designed with the future of work in mind. That future of organizations leveraging distributed talent whilst continuing to foster a sense of belonging, arrived sooner than anyone expected and we’re privileged to be in a position to help companies around the world quickly adapt to this challenge.”

With the current pandemic bringing an accelerated shift in traditional businesses adopting a remote-friendly work culture, market data indicates an unprecedented global demand for Cloud-based, agile and mobile-enabled solutions such as Qualee.

Bob Boughner, Managing Partner at Tandem Technology Partners, commented on why the firm participated in the round: “We see tremendous value in the unique combination of Qualee’s experienced leadership team and the capabilities of the solution they have developed to realize the future of work. There is an strong synergy between Qualee and our extensive insights into contingent and mobile workforces across multiple verticals. Many organizations have been forced to furlough staff recently and using Qualee allows employers to remain connected with displaced staff and quickly reinitiate as conditions improve.”

The seed funding will be used to extend features available on the platform through an innovative roadmap and expand Qualee’s team across technology, consulting, marketing and support.

To learn more about Qualee visit and download the Qualee app to view a demo.


About Qualee Technology

Qualee Technology is committed to delivering the world’s best customizable employee onboarding and engagement solution for companies of all sizes. Using the latest in Cloud and mobile app technology, the company's proprietary self-service, digital platform automates procedures and provides clients the ability to securely create employee experiences that measurably improve employer familiarization and engagement. For more information, please visit

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