What Is A Buddy System?

Buddy System

The buddy system is an effective tool that pairs employees in a workplace to help each other even if they are not necessarily from the same department. This tool is used more often among new hires and helps them hit the ground running.

The buddy system is designed to boost a new hire's onboarding and learning experience. In addition, it helps foster a strong relationship between employees and help HR teams build a better company culture.

Why should HR teams implement a buddy system?

Build Valuable Relationships

Introducing a buddy system at work becomes an effective strategy to build deep and meaningful relationships among colleagues. The lack of engagement and poor relationships account for instances of early departures. When new hires gain a trustworthy companion right from the onset, they feel more aligned with the company's culture sooner, vastly improving employee retention rates.

Increases Employee Productivity

The cost that comes with hiring a new employee can be as high as 2x the salary of the former employee; this includes the cost related to recruitment, training, and loss of productivity. The buddy system bridges this gap, reducing lost productivity caused by high turnover and maximizing employee output.

Improves Job Satisfaction

Workplace buddies enhance job satisfaction by creating an inclusive atmosphere and promoting a sense of belonging. HR teams should recognize this link between the buddy system and employee contentment. A satisfied workforce tends to stay longer at an organization, greatly reducing turnover rates.

Gives New Hires Useful Insights

Workplace buddies, while not a replacement for managers or mentors, can assist with operational queries and can guide new hires toward best practices and procedures. New employees get useful insights and hands-on exposure which would take much longer to acquire otherwise.

Creates a Better Onboarding Experience

The buddy system serves as a vital part of an effective onboarding process. The sense of comfort and camaraderie between the new recruit and appointed buddy fosters a positive first impression of the corporation's culture. This connection helps to diminish the familiar anxieties that come with navigating a new workplace.