What Is A Purple Squirrel?

Purple Squirrel

A purple squirrel is akin to an emblem of perfection in the recruiting industry. This term describes job applicants who aren't just another resume in the pack. These are individuals whose skills and qualifications leap off the page!

Like the story of a man in search of a mythical purple squirrel, talent hunters quest for these rare candidates. These aspirants embody an invaluable combination of expertise, personality, and drive - the total package! Yet, just like finding a four-leaf clover, discovering these one-of-a-kind individuals is a feat seldom accomplished.

The concept encapsulates not just their matchless abilities but their integral representation of the company's values. Being caring, motivated and maintaining the highest integrity are key traits of these elusive "purple squirrels".

How do you find a purple squirrel?

Finding a so-called purple squirrel won't happen by accident—it requires strategy, patience, and a dash of creativity.

Look Internally

Sometimes, the finest talent is already part of the company's cohort. Reviewing current team members for unseen potential or hidden skills can reveal an undiscovered "purple squirrel". After all, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Create the Purple Squirrel

If spotting the perfect candidate is as rare as a purple squirrel, why not make one? Investing in professional development for a promising employee may sculpt the extraordinary talent the company seeks.

Cast a Larger Geographic Net During the Hiring Process

When local talent seems scarce, extend the search. With remote work gaining traction, geographic boundaries are no longer a hiring constraint. Embracing this change may lead to finding extraordinary talent in unexpected corners of the globe.


Networking is crucial in talent hunting. Whether it's industry events, social media platforms, or personal connections, every interaction could potentially lead to that elusive "purple squirrel". Nurturing and expanding these networks might just lead to locating the ideal fit.

Despite their mythical status, "purple squirrels" do exist. It's simply a matter of knowing where—and how—to look.

What are the benefits of hiring purple squirrels?

Purple squirrels are those extraordinary candidates everyone wants to hire. There's a good reason for that, their unique characteristics make them valuable assets to any company. Here are a few benefits of having them on your team.

Pioneers in Technology and Innovation

No new gadget or tech trend fazes a purple squirrel. They're tech-savvy, always ahead of the curve, and because of their unique skills, they can integrate new technologies into existing frameworks. Result? They lead the company towards innovation like no other.

Incredibly Productive

Purple squirrels come with a built-in drive. They're highly skilled, self-motivated, and are always focused on delivering results. They save time and effort by completing tasks quicker, thus enhancing the overall productivity of the organization.

Boosts Company Reputation

Excellence attracts excellence. When a purple squirrel becomes part of a company, it makes the organization more appealing to other skilled professionals. Having such top-level talent can significantly enhance the company's reputation in the industry.

Inspire Current Workforce

Not just skills, purple squirrels bring a winning attitude to the workspace. Their commitment and passion are contagious. When a team works with a purple squirrel, they see what’s possible and are inspired to aim higher, boosting morale and productivity.