Preboarding as a Staff Retention Tool

Monday, September 7, 2020

Preboarding as a Staff Retention Tool

With 20% of staff turnover occurring within the first 45 days, employers need to focus on hiring and retaining skilled labour, since replacing an employee costs 33% of their annual salary. [1]

Companies can retain skilled employees more easily by offering care and support to ideal job candidates with preboarding.

What is Preboarding vs Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of bringing an employee into an organisation and starts on their first day. It usually involves orientation, meetings with manager and team members, as well as training for essential job duties.

Although a solid onboarding process - that has been improved and streamlined by technology - can go a long way in keeping employees satisfied, some employees still feel overwhelmed by the skills they’re required to learn in the early days or weeks of a new job.

Furthermore, employers are increasingly affected by the so-called “skills gap” [2] between the things job candidates know and the skills required for open positions. In many cases, a candidate may be an ideal apparent fit for a company, but they lack a few critical skills that would make them successful in the role.

Preboarding is the solution. At a high level, preboarding focuses on offering additional support and training to a new hire after a job offer has been accepted and before they “officially” start.

How Does Preboarding Help with Staff Retention?

Companies with a preboarding program in place are 11% more likely to retain first-year employees than those without. [3] There are two methods of how preboarding can significantly improve staff retention:

First of all, preboarding initiates a streamlined onboarding process. Hired candidates are offered compliance and training materials before their first day, as well as ancillary resources, to familiarise themselves with a new position. This allows them to feel confident before their first day in their new job.

Secondly, preboarding makes new employees feel more comfortable in their role, without being overwhelmed with meetings and training sessions in the initial days and weeks of their position. This leaves more time for new team introductions and forming connections with colleagues. Studies show that employees who feel like they have found a good cultural fit and feel like they belong in an organisation, are more likely to stay longer with a company.

Technology Provides Preboarding Solutions for Any Company

Technology offers unique and efficient ways to provide preboarding resources and training opportunities to new hires. Qualee, for example, offers employees a native mobile app, cloud-hosting documents, forms and other compliance paperwork which can be completed online and before the first day. This allows for many administrative tasks to be can be fulfilled remotely, without the need to meet with HR in person.

Furthermore, the Qualee platform allows for the hosting of explanatory documents and training videos to any job candidate lacking a few key skills for an open position. As an employee learns the skills offered, Qualee also allows them to securely message their HR recruiters or other managers for questions or clarifications.

Ultimately, preboarding will give a new hire the impression that a company willing to invest in their people before their first day, will continue to invest in them throughout the whole employee lifecycle. It shows empathy and care for a new employee that they are likely to return with their loyalty.

Preboarding with Qualee can help improve your company’s staff retention rates across the board. See what else Qualee can do for you by trying it for free today!




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