The 7 Methods to Enhance Employee Engagement in 2021

Thursday, January 28, 2021

The 7 Methods to Enhance Employee Engagement in 2021

While 2020 was one of the most unsettling and tumultuous years for businesses and employees alike, in 2021 we must continue to adapt to the new normal. The new year is a great time to re-evaluate your business's processes and set new goals for rebuilding a resilient company and maintaining a healthy and productive workforce.

Now more than ever, as each organisation works to rebuild and create a new normal, they will rely heavily on the energy, commitment, and engagement of their employees to survive, adapt, and thrive in the new normal. As such, more businesses are looking for ways to increase and improve employee engagement, improve the workplace environment, and ensure team members are getting the support they need to do their work successfully.

Previously, we discussed the important metrics to measure employee engagement levels, but in this article, we wanted to discuss how to get your employees engaged. These suggestions will be sure to make your employees love their jobs, work well with each other, remain committed to the company, and invest in the organisation's success.

Why should companies try to increase employee engagement?

As people management has evolved and grown over the past several years, it has become increasingly important to invest in ensuring that your employees are engaged and fulfilled at work. In fact, employee engagement has been one of the biggest workplace focal points for the past several years and it's easy to see why. After all, engaged employees are more invested in their jobs, more passionate about their work, more productive, and more inspired.

And it's not just about keeping employees happy either. In fact, engagement and happiness are not entirely the same thing. Employees and their teams can be happy at work without being engaged. This usually means temporary happiness that fades just as quickly. On the flip side, employees and teams that are highly engaged are finding fulfillment in their jobs and are more committed to their employers, the business brand, and improving their work.

Additionally, companies have found that a team with high employee engagement is not just more productive but also easier to manage. This allows leaders and managers to focus on more high-value work and activities like innovation, business development, and company improvement.

Plus, good employee engagement levels mean that your employees are satisfied with their work and believe in their contribution to the company. This helps reduce employee turnover, boost productivity and efficiency, and ultimately results in better business outcomes, and an enhanced customer experience.

This is why several businesses have focused so much attention on fostering and nurturing a company culture that prioritizes employee engagement and creating an engaged working environment.

Why employee engagement impacts work performance?

There is no doubt the positive impact employee engagement can have on a company. But what are the main reasons for this? To better understand how employee engagement makes a difference it's important to understand what employee engagement does for the employee experience.

A good employee engagement program provides employees with the following:

  1. A clear understanding of their role in the company and how their work impacts the business.
  2. The training, tools, and resources to be able to do their jobs well.
  3. The opportunity for career development and improvement.
  4. A clear understanding of the employer brand and company culture.
  5. Leaders and managers that care about the employee experience and value feedback
  6. An inclusive work environment
  7. A sense of belonging and acceptance at work
  8. A workplace that values and gives importance to employee feedback
  9. The ability to create work-life balance and better manage work schedules
  10. A high-level understanding of their contribution to the business

All of these are instrumental to improve employee engagement levels and it's easy to see why a keen focus to nurture engaged employees results in an improved workplace environment for your people and overall better business outcomes.

How to improve employee engagement?

Knowing why it's important to improve employee engagement is a critical first step. The next step is understanding how to do it. The following are simple steps your business can take to create a more engaged team and a better workplace for your people.

1) Create an Employee Engagement Survey

The employee engagement survey is the number one tool in your people management toolbox. Long gone are the days of tedious paper-and-pen employee engagement surveys though. Now, you can create a digital survey that your employees can answer easily online and your managers can easily track.

With Qualee, you can create a survey to better understand your engagement level. Employees can fill it out on their mobile devices and you can receive instantaneous results complete with analytics to measure their responses. Send these out quarterly to keep up to date on what’s working—and what’s not and ensure your maintaining engaged employees.

2) Create Quizzes

Engagement happens at many levels in work. Sometimes it means finding creative and unique ways to interact with your team. Creating fun activities like quizzes is a good way to get workers excited and ensure their participation. If you make things fun for your employees, they are more likely to get involved.

Plus, people love to compete, and quizzes are an excellent way to keep employees engaged with new work policies and industry information. With Qualee you can create quizzes that are both fun and informative. And Qualee aims to keep quizzes bite-sized and fun by turning them into a game with some friendly competition and a dash of positive reinforcement. Don’t rule out having a raffle or prize for top performers!

3) Make Management Visible

A recent Gallup poll showed employees working remotely have higher engagement rates than in-office workers when they receive direct feedback from their bosses [1]. This shows that employees want to know their work is being appreciated and that their contributions are being notices and values by their managers and the team.

Knowing this, make it your goal this year to have more direct communication with your employees. We know how difficult it can be for managers to have one-on-one conversations with each of your employees right now, so the Qualee app offers safe encrypted instant messaging to allow you to text back and forth with your employees in a safe and efficient way. Ensuring good communication will help you maintain engaged employees.

4) Don't Neglect Training and Development

Training and development is a big aspect of employee engagement and giving employees ample chances to grow and level up their careers is a big part of creating highly engaged teams. Despite the challenges of 2021, it's important that companies still invest in their company learning programs to address every stage of career development.

Going online is a good way to continue training programs and give your employees the chance to upskill. Create programs designed to teach employees the skills they need for the new normal and you'll be hitting two birds with one stone - ensuring highly engaged employees and equipping them with the most-needed skills during these challenging times.

5) Give Back to Your Employees

Giving back to your employees can take several different forms, whether by sending them gift baskets or by emphasising they take time to balance their work with their lives by giving them a little extra time off. Employees highly value appreciation managers show them for their good work so don't forget to find ways to give back.

Try to highlight how important your employees are to your business by regularly showing them how valuable their contributions are. Sometimes there doesn't even need to be a reason to show your workers some appreciation and give employee recognition. Make sure to express to them that they are the backbone of your company some extra TLC.

6) Find Out More about Your Team

Maybe one of your employees climbed Everest or recently started a lifestyle blog. Maybe a few of your employees are trying to start a shared interest group within the company. Find out about what makes your workers tick and see if there’s a way for them to incorporate their passion into your business.

It can be as simple as letting someone with a passion for graphic design come up with a few social media posts for work or letting the fitness-loving employee lead the team in a workout. The best part? As you discover more about your employees, there’s always a possibility you’ll find a diamond in the rough who may be a better fit in a different department.

7) Encourage Team Goals

It can be easy to expect employees to meet company goals but look to encourage team goals that employees have input on. This method tends to make people feel more connected to your company, as well as promoting a sense of teamwork amongst your employees, leading to stronger bonds and better synergy as a team.

Employee engagement is an important factor when running a business, and we think these six methods will make your engagement levels skyrocket and result in happier more productive employees. Remember that most of your employees love your company as much as you do, and 2021 is the perfect time to get employees more involved.

Try the Starter Plan today or contact us to discuss solutions for improving the workplace for your employees and increasing your organisation’s employee engagement rates.


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